Every Day Is Game Day

Recognized as one of the greatest players of all-time, Tarkenton played 18 seasons in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings (1961-66, 1972-78) and the New York Giants (1967-71). The nine-time Pro-Bowler is the Vikings career passing leader with 33,098 yards and career passing touchdown leader with 239.

Tarkenton's book "Every Day Is Game Day" takes readers through his life from the alleys of Washington, D.C., to Athens and on to the NFL. It details the infamous 1975 playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, the person tragedy he experienced after the game, his love for New York and what it meant to play for the New York Giants, why to this day it is still hard for him to return to the Twin Cities, and why he has thrived in business after leaving football.

Social Networking Use Triples from Only a Year Ago

"As of August 2009, the time spent on social networking and blogging sites accounts for 17% of the total time spent online, a number up from 6% from a year ago. This change reflects a growing desire for people to stay connected with each other, communicate and share, reports Nielsen."

"Where before, advertisers were somewhat wary of social media properties, they're now spending more than ever for prominent spots on social networking sites. Even as companies decreased their overall ad expenditures, they
increased their spend on top social networks and blogs - up 119% from last year. ($108 million in August 2009 up from $49 million in August 2008). And when broken down by category, the increases are even more dramatic. The entertainment industry, for example, has increased spending by 812% year-over-year on social network sites and the travel industry increased spending by 364%."

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Getting Listed on Google Local Business Results

If you own a website or a business, surely you want your listing to appear alongside the other Local Business Results when someone searches on Google for term relevant to your business. These listings are placed above the normal search engine results. Having your website added is extra promotion of your business at no cost to you.

Visit the following url to add your business Google’s Local Business Center:


To add your business, click on the + Add new listing and enter your website’s information.

Once you’ve entered your information you’ll need to validate the submission by either phone which I find to be immediate (the phone rang a few seconds after I finished, don't close that page!) or by postal mail.  Postal mail takes about 2 weeks.  Before you know it you’re website will be listed in the local business results.

Here is where Google is talking about it on their own blog,


Major update to the iPhone software coming June 17th!

This videoclip from Apple's developer conference this week describing some of what will be possible on new iPhone software,